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Tips for Properly Stack Pallets in your Warehouse

The rule for stacking both wooden and plastic pallet is the same. Regardless of their material, pallets stack on top of one another presents a risk of accidents which would occur when one of these loads are not properly stacked. Indeed, there is a chance the entire warehouse could crash down like a line of dominos. This makes proper and safe pallet stacking necessary. The tips below can help you with this:

Avoid Overloading the Stack

If you use pallet jacks or forklifts for loading and unloading heavy pallets, check the equipment’s weight limit to avoid overloading it and causing it to fall to the ground. Also, when you stack different pallets on top of one another, stack the heaviest pallets at the bottom. It is necessary to make sure pallets are stacked above a particular amount.

Stack Pallets Uniformly

No matter the kind of pallets you have, ensure to stack them evenly with the edges not poking out the stack’s sides. A messy stacking can result in the pallets crashing down to the ground because of instability.

 Pay Attention to the Height of the Pallets

There is a limit to how you should stack your pallets. Never stack them higher than they are supposed to be stacked. Stacking them too high puts a lot of pressure on the pallets at the bottom. As a result, there is a risk of the top ones toppling over which can injure people below the stack. Also, pallets that are stacked too high can crash down off the racks during loading and unloading.

Look for Damaged Pallets

While experts from any rotational molding company recommend the use of plastic pallets because they are dependable and strong, always check for damaged pallets regardless of what material they are made from. Damaged pallets must not be used again, especially when it comes to wooden pallets that have nails or splinters sticking out that could be risky for your people. When storing the pallets, make use of plastic wrapping on the load to make sure that the load will not fall off the pallet because of damage. Moisture and rot are common causes of wooden pallet damage so it is always best to use plastic pallets.

Categorize Pallets According to Size

As you stack pallets in your warehouse, make sure there is even distribution of their weight. This is possible if you stack pallets of the same size. This way, you avoid pallets from falling over and boost the efficiency of your space.

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